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Chapters 8 & 9

Peer Relationships, Resolving Conflicts & Preventing Violence

friendship A significant relationship between two people that is based on trust, caring and consideration.
cliques A small circle of friends, usually with similar backgrounds or tastes, who exclude people viewed as outsiders.
stereotype Exaggerated or oversimplified beliefs about people who belong to a certain group.
peer pressure The influence that people your age may have on you.
refusal skills Communication strategies that can help you say no when you are urged to take part in behaviors that are unsafe or go against your values.
manipulation An indirect, dishonest way to control or influence others.
aggressive Overly forceful, pushy, or hostile.
passive Unwilling or unable to express thoughts & feelings in a direct or firm manner.
intimacy closeness between two people that develops over time.
self-control A person's ability to use responsibility to override emotions.
assertive Expressing your views clearly & respectfully
abstinence A decision to avoid high-risk behaviors, including sexual activity, use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs
escalate to become more serious
mediation Bringing in a third party to help others resolve their conflicts peacefully.
violence The threatened or actual use of physical force or power to harm another person & to damage property.
homicide The willful killing of one human being by another
date rape One person in a relationship forces the other person to take part in sexual intercourse
interpersonal conflicts Conflict between people or groups of people.
internal conflicts Conflict that takes place within an individual
random violence Violence committed for no particular reason.
peer mediation Process in which specially trained students help other students resolve conflicts peacefully.
negotiation The use of communication and, in many ways, compromise, to settle a disagreement
emotional abuse A pattern of attacking another person's emotional development & sense of worth
verbal abuse The use of words to mistreat or injure another person
sexual abuse A pattern of sexual contact that is forced upon a person against his or her will.
physical abuse A pattern of intentionally causing bodily harm or injury to another person.
conflict Any disagreement, struggle or fight
neutrality To not have an opinion
confidentiality Respecting the privacy of both parties & keeping details secret.
cooperation Working together for the good of all.
Created by: Mrs.Coons