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Chapter 6 Vocab

Calories Known as kilocalories and are a unit to measure energy.
Overweight Weighing more than 10 percent over standard weight for height.
Obesity Excess body fat or adipose tissue.
Underweight Being 10 percent or more below normal weight.
Body Mass Index The ratio of body weight to height.
Fad Diets Approaches to weight control that are popular for a short time- come and go, but rarely have any lasting effect.
Weight Cycling The cycle of losing, regaining, losing , regaining.
Anerexia Nervosa A disorder in which the irrational fear of becoming obese results in severe weight loss from self-induced starvation.
Bulimia Nervosa A disorder in which cycles of overeating are followed by some form of purging or clearing of digestive tract.
Nutrient-dense foods Foods that are the best sources of energy and nutrients together.
Electrolites Minerals that become electrically charged when in soluation.
Rehydration Restoring lost body fluids.
Dehydration Not having enough body fluids.
Laco-ovo vegatarians Those who avoid eating meat, fish, and poultry but eat dairy foods and eggs.
Vegans Vegaterians who eat only foods of plant origin.
Nutrient Supplements Pills, powder, liquids, and other nonfood forms of nutrients.
Foodborne Illness Food poisoning
Contaminant A substance that spoils or infects.
Allergy The body's reaction to an irritating substance or toxin.
Food intolerance A negative reaction to a food or an ingrediant in food that is not related to the body's immune systems or to food poisoning.
Lactose intolerance The inability to disgust lactose in milk.
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