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Ch. 6 & 7

Healthy Relationships

citizenship The way you conduct yourself as a member of the community.
compromise When each person gives up something to reach a solution.
prejudice An unfair opinion or judgement of a particular group of people.
role The parts you play in your relationships.
cooperation Working together for the good of all.
aggressive Overly forceful, pushy or hostile
"I" message A statement that focuses on your feelings rather than on someone else's behavior.
body language Non-verbal communication: gestures, facial expressions, behaviors & postures
constructive criticism Non-hostile comments that point out problems and encourage improvement
passive Unwilling or unable to express thoughts and feelings in a direct or firm manner.
assertive Expressing your views clearly and respectfully.
active listening Paying close attention to what someone is saying and communicating.
stereotype Exaggerated or oversimplified beliefs about people who belong to a certain group.
tolerance The ability to accept others' differences
bullying Deliberately threatening or harming another person who cannot defend themself.
hazing Making others perform certain tasks in order to join the group
abuse physical, mental, emotional or sexual mistreatment of one person by another
separation A decision made by 2 married people to live apart from each other
divorce A legal end to a marriage contract
custody Legal right to make decisions affecting children & the responsibility for their care.
neglect The failure to provide for a child's basic needs.
nuclear family 2 parents & 1 or more children living in the same space
blended family A married couple & their children from previous marriages.
siblings Brothers or sisters
extended family A family that includes additional relatives beyond parents & children
foster care Temporary placement of children in the homes of adults who are not related to them
affirmation Positive feedback that helps others feel appreciated & supported
spousal abuse Domestic violence or any other form of abuse directed at a spouse
cycle of violence Pattern of repeating violence or abusive behaviors from one generation to the next.
joint custody Both parents (who are divorced) share in the responsibility of raising a child
domestic violence Violence involving family members
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