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STI's Review


Syphilis In the last stage of __________ you will experience heart and nervous system damage, blindness and loss of mental abilities.
Gonorrhea _________________ is a bacterial infection that causes burning and discharge. It can also be asymptomatic. If left untreated, it can cause damage to joints and vital organs, PID and epididymitis.
Warts HPV can present itself in the form of genital _______________.
AIDS _________ is characterized by a weakened immune system and opportunistic infections.
Trich ___________________ is a parasitic infection of the urethra and bladder in females. It presents with a strong, odorous, frothy yellow, itchy discharge.
Monogomy Remaining faithful to one partner is called ___________________.
Liver Hepatitis B attacks the ________________________.
Pap Smear A ________________ is a cervical screening for cervical cancer.
Cervix HPV can cause many types of cancer, most common being the _____________________ in women.
False You have to have sexual intercourse with an infected person to contract an STI (T/F)
Scabies Tiny mites/bugs that burrow into your skin are called ___________________. They are spread by skin to skin contact, sharing clothing, bedding, etc. Cure is medicated lotions and washing everything in hot water.
True You can have no symptoms, yet be infected with an STI and pass it along to someone else (T/F)
Discharge A yellow-green _____________________________ is a clear sign of infection.
T-cells ____________________ are the body's first line of defense when HIV enters the body (part of the immune system).
Blisters Herpes is characterized by clusters of pus filled _______________________.
Bacterial ______________________________ STI's can be cured with antibiotics.
Needles HIV is passed through blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk. It is also passed through sex and the sharing of ___________________.
Oral STI/D's can be passed through vaginal, anal and _____________ sex; as well as skin to skin contact.
Opportunistic AIDS patients don't die from AIDS, they die from _______________________ infections.
Epididymitis The male complication from untreated gonorrhea is ________________________. It is characterized by swollen testicles.
Rash Stage 2 syphilis presents in a __________________, often on the palms of your hands.
Hepatitis The STD that causes liver damage is ________________.
Jaundice Yellowing of the skin is called ___________________________, it is a complication of Hepatitis.
Asymptomatic When an STI/D doesn't show symptoms, it is called _____________________________.
Lice RID shampoo combined with coming out the eggs is the treatment for which infestation?
HIV ____________________ is the virus that causes AIDS.
Vaccinations Hepatitis B and HPV are the only two STD's that we now have _______________________ available.
Viral Which category of STD's can be treated but not cured?
Chlamydia Untreated gonorrhea and _________________ lead to PID in women. This is one of the most common STI's, but many won't even have symptoms. It is referred to as the Silent Epidemic.
Chancre A ____________________________ sore is the first stage of Syphilis.
Latent/Dormant After stage 2 Syphilis begins the ______________________ stage, this is where NOTHING happens for up to 15 years, before hitting stage 3.
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