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Dysfunctional Family

terms about dysfunctional families

5 skills of an ideal family responsible, resolve conflicts healthfully, express affection, respect authority, give & receive acts of kindness
5 ways drugs get in the body orally, injection, inhalation, absorption, implantation
4 causes of dysfunctional families chemical dependence, perfectionism, violence, abuse
5 different kinds of abuse physical, emotional, neglect, sexual, abandonment
example of physical abuse physical harm
example of emotional abuse putting someone down
example of neglect failure to provide proper care/guidance
example of sexual abuse forced sexual contact
example of abandonment you're not there anymore
5 roles of dysfunction chief enabler, scapegoat, family hero, mascot, lost child
define chief enabler supports harmful behavior
define scapegoat child blamed as cause of problem
define family hero tries to do everything right
define mascot relieves tension by acting funny
define lost child not getting in the way or causing problems to help maintain balance
families that lack the skills ideal families have dysfunctional families
a mental disorder in which a person denies feelings and begins to cope in harmful ways codependence
a person who wants to rescue and control someone else codependent
Created by: alivia1224