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Stack #1808707

Ch. 1 Health Vocab. review

plaque Sticky film left on the teeth by food and germs; if not removed, it can harm tooth enamel.
dermis The layer of skin just below the epidermis.
gland A part of your body that produces substances needed by the body, including liquids such as sweat or oil.
social The part of health that has to do with relationships with other people.
posture This helps you to breathe deeply keep you from becoming tired.
risk The possibility of damage, loss, or injury.
behavior Your health is affected mostly by this and you are able to control it.
crown The part of the tooth you can see.
eardrum A thin membrane inside the ear that makes hearing possible by vibrating when sound waves hit it.
emotional This part of health has to do with your feelings.
nearsighted Being able to see things that are near rather than farther away.
enamel This covers the crown of the tooth.
melanin This gives your skin its color.
pulp Inside this part of the tooth blood vessels and nerves keep the tooth alive.
fluoride A substance that strengthens tooth enamel and helps prevent cavities.
attitude A persons thoughts and feelings about something.
pore A tiny opening in the epidermis, through which liquids such as oils and seat move.
nerves Carries information from your eyes and ears to your brain.
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