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Sociology 1

Exam 1

Sociology Study of social behavior & human groups
Social Imagination Awareness of relationship between individual & wider society
Why is Sociology considered a science? Bc it's a body of knowledge obtained by systematic observation
Name the natural sciences Astronomy. Biology. Chemistry. Geology. Physics.
Name the social sciences Sociology. Anthropology. Economics. History. Psychology. Political Science.
Define "Theory" Set of statements that seeks to explain problems, actions, or behavior.
What makes a theory effective? It may have both explanatory & predictive power.
Sociological theory? Attempts to explain events, forces, materials, ideas, or behavior in a comprehensive manner.
Auguste Comte "Father of Sociology" French. Viewed Sociology as a hierarchy, the queen, & Sociology necessary to rebuild France.
Ideal type A construct, "made-up" model that serves as a measuring rod which cases can be evaluated.
Marx's fundamental divide Society "divided" between 2 social classes in conflict. Proletariat is known as the working class. & classes are in pursuit of self-interest.
Marx's view of social system Economic, social, political relations, & maintenance of power are driven between the owners & their workers.
Charles Cooley "Macro-sociology" Studied intimate groups, they were the "seedbeds" of society.
W.E.B Dubois NAACP. Political rights to blacks essential to social & economic progress.
Functionalist Perspective Emphasizes the way that parts pf society are structured to remain stable.
Jane Addams Settlement houses. Sociologist/reformist. Hull House. Community centers for immigrants.
Scientific Method Identify the problem. Review the literature. Develop a hypothesis. Collect/analyze data. Conclusion
Hypothesis Speculative statement regarding the relationship between 2 or more variables.
Variable Measurable trait subject to change under diff. conditions (income, race, gender)
Correlation Exists when a change in 1 variable coincides w/ a change in the other
"Verstahen" German word, used by Weber, encouraged his students to seek " insight" or "understanding" in their studies
Anomie Loss of direction felt in a society when social control of individual behavior has become ineffective
Interactionist Theory View the social world as the most fascination during everyday, routine interactions among individuals which we often take for granted. "micro-sociology"
George Mead Founder of Interactionist theory. Focused on small groups, comparable to Cooley. Professor @ University of Chicago.
Conflict Theory VIew society as many conflicting groups, competing for scarce resources. Ex. Herbert Spencer
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