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Health test

peer pressure, assertive

what are the steps of refusing request Step 1: state your position Step 2: State your reason Step 3: Be understanding
Making request State 1: State the problem or situation to be changed Step 2:Tell what should be done to change the situation or solve the problem
Expressing your feelings Expressing your feelings Step 1: Think about what you want to say Step 2: Tell the other person how you fell or what you think
Verbal and non verbal assertive skills
Loudness of voice Speak with a strong, Confident tone of voice
Fluency of spoken words Speak in a smooth fashion without hesitating or tubing over your words
Eye contact Look at the person directly in the eye
Facial Expression Be certain your facial expression are saying what are saying ( Don't smile when you are telling someone you are angry)
Body postion Stand straight facing directly facing the person you are talking to
Distance Stand about three feet away from the person you are talking
ways of saying no Simple No, Tell it like it is, Give an excuse, The big stall, Changing the standing, Broken record, Walk away, The cold shoulder, Avoiding The situation
Flatter telling a person nice about himself
Logic reasoning or presenting facts Giving scientist proof or a well known reasons
Appeal to Authority Suggesting that a respected person behaves in a certain way or has a particular way
promise of popularity Suggesting you will be like if you do something
Promise of reward or punishment suggesting if you behave in a certain way you will be rewarded or punished
Persistence (nagging) continual request to do something
Guilt making someone fell badly
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