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sumitive test

What are the three C Clarify, consider, choose
What are two ways advertisers use Bandwagon Appeal, Sex appeal, popularity
What is illict illegal
What are the steps to drug abuse in order steps 1 Trying one or more drugs, step 2 using drugs once in awhile, step 3 using drugs in a regular basis, step 4 using drugs in an uncontrolled and excessive way
does necitine calm you down no it doesn't it makes your heart beat faster
what are two ways to relax relax all your muscles, Imagine your self in a peaceful place,
what does anxiety mean Anxiety is feeling nervous, uptight, uneasy, or apprehensive.
what is manipulated and disp
coping with Anxiety technique Breath in through the nose, no chest movement breath from diaphragm, breath in for 4 seconds hold it for 4 seconds and out for 4 seconds
what makes people anxious tests or examines, concerts, competitions
staying in control counting to ten, look the other person on the eye, count to your self, think positive
decisions the act of making up one’s mind
social skills friendly qualities or characteristics”
Initiate to begin
Sustain to keep going, to continue
self statement I don't have to let this get to me, I don't need to fight about this, I can handle this
reframe Is this worth getting angry about, Am I sur this person is out to get me
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