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Intro Music Therapy

What is Proprioception? The ability to sense where your body is in position, motion and equilibrium, even if you had a blindfold on.
What organization oversees credentialing in music therapy? Certification Board for Music Therapists
What organization oversees education and professional advocacy? American Music Therapy Association
What are the 2 journals sponsored by AMTA? Journal of Music Therapy and Music Therapy Perspectives
Where do music therapists work? classrooms, homes, hospitals, forensic facilities, skilled nursing facilities, residential treatment centers, rehabilitation facilities
With whom do music therapists work? People with disabilities, injuries or diseases; those experiencing trauma, incarceration, the effects of age, and hospitalization; and those who want to maintain good health.
How does one become an MT-BC? Become accepted to an accredited music therapy program, complete a 4 year academic and clinical training program, 6 months/1,000 hour internship, pass the National Board Exam administered by CBMT
At least 5 qualifications of music therapists Excellent functional music skills, emotional stability, physical health, a good sense of humor, reliable, ethical, good interpersonal skills, sincere interest in helping others, always willing to self evaluate and grow, etc...
2 Reasons Why Music is an effective therapeutic tool Varied and flexible
When music therapy was first a profession, it was used primarily to treat whom and for what? WWII veterans, PTSD and rehabilitation
7 step music therapy protocol Referral, Assessment, Treatment Plan, Implementation, Documentation, Evaluation, Termination
Who is Clive Robbins and what did he create? -British music therapist who worked with multiply disabled children for over 50 years, - Co-originator of Creative Music Therapy - Co-founder of the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Center in New York City.
What is NMT? Neurological Music Therapy
NMT originator Michael Thaut
2 Most commonly used NMT techniques RAS, PSE, MIT, or OMREX
What is the ISO principle? Meet the client where they are at
Who is Helen Bonny? Music Therapist researcher
What did Helen Bonny create? A psychotheraputic technique called the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery through Music where carefully selected classical music is used to help individuals process unconscious material.
What is IDEA? Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
At least 3 principles from the IDEA non discriminatory evaluation Least restrictive environment zero reject (no one excluded) parental involvement appropriate education procedural due process
Difference between music education and music therapy Music education's goal is the quality of the music, music therapy's goals are non musical and the focus is on the process of making or internalizing music.
At least 2 creative art therapies Art, Dance, Drama, Poetry, Play, Sand Play, Music
Name at least 2 of the 4 unique characteristics of creative art therapies Self expression, Active participation, Imagination, mind/body connection
4 essential elements of a good definition of music therapy Therapeutic relationship Music to reach Non-musical goals Treatment follows the proper protocol Administered by an MT-BC
Created by: jrmuni