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Health 9A Quiz I

Quiz I

Who are drug users? All of us
List the 2 main reasons identified in class that supports why we still need drug education classes? 1. Since we all use drugs, we need to learn how to become safe and responsible drug users. 2. As demonstrated in class, we still have drugs problems in our society that need to be addressed.
What is the main message from the lesson where Mrs. Soucy crushed and ripped up student collages? It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into preparing for your future, one bad decision can ruin it all. One bad decision can take away your hopes and dreams (crushed) or end your life altogether (ripped up).
What is a drug, as defined in class? a chemical substance, other than food, that produces physical, mental, emotional and/or behavioral changes in the user.
What are the 3 main purposes of drug use? medical, recreational and religious
What is the purpose of drugs that cure, prevent & treat diseases? medical
What are the 5 pharmacological revolutions? antibiotics, vaccines, psychopharmacology, oral contraception/birth control pills and anesthesia
Vaccines do what? prevents deadly viruses
Antibiotics do what? fights/cures/kills bacterial infections
Psychopharmacology does what? treats/controls mental illness and disorders
Oral Contraception (Birth Control Pills) do what? prevents pregnancy
Anesthesia does what? allows for painless surgery
What are the leading risk factors for substance abuse identified in class? friends use, other role models use, cigarette use- gateway drug, self-medicating, first drink under the age of 13, genetics and lots of school absences
Why is it important to know our risk for substance abuse? If you are more aware of your risk factors, then hopefully you will make safer, smarter and more responsible decisions about drug use. This might mean avoiding certain substances or circumstances altogether.
What are the 4 main ways that drugs can enter the body? Ingestion, Injection, Inhalation and Absorption
How are drugs ingested? eat it, drink it
How are drugs injected? into a vein (IV-intravenous), into a muscle (IM-intramuscular) and under the skin (SC-subcutaneous)
How are drugs administered through inhalation? breathe it, smoke it, snort it
How are drugs administered through absorption? thought the skin, eyes, ears, nose, mouth (tongue), rectum and vagina
Relate IV drug use with HIV/AIDS and other infections/diseases such as Hepatitis. Don't share needles with others. If a person with an infection uses a needle and then you use the same one, there is a very high risk of passing that infection to you.
Drinking wine at a Seder or Communion, Rastafarians smoking marijuana and Native American Indians using Peyote are all examples of what type of drug use? Religious
Drinking coffee or alcohol and smoking cigarettes are examples of what type of drug use? Recreational
All of the following are examples of what type of change that drugs can produce?...cured an infection, relieved itching, caused tiredness, caused an upset stomach, fell asleep physical
All of the following are examples of what type of change that drugs can produce?...sad, happy, angry, excited, frustrated emotional
All of the following are examples of what type of change that drugs can produce?...hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, can focus better, aggressive thoughts mental
All of the following are examples of what type of change that drugs can produce?...stumbled around, said things you did not want to, hit someone, crying behavioral
Created by: slsoucy