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Habits 1-4 Vocab


Goal The end purpose or aim that we strive to achieve or attain.
Success The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.
Integrity To be true to your feelings, values and commitments.
Paradigm The way we think about and see things from our perspective.
Respect To show courtesy and consideration toward ourselves/others.
Considerate To be sensitive to others' wants and feelings.
Be Proactive Thinking before we act and taking responsibility for the choices we make (Habit 1).
Self-Control You demonstrate this when you show you are in charge of your actions and reactions.
Reactive To make choices based on feelings, moods, and emotions.
Reliable Able to be trusted and depended upon; to be accountable for your actions.
Optimism To look for the bright side/positive in all situations.
Pessimism To always see the negative side/find the bad in all situations.
Perseverance To overcome obstacles to pursue goals.
Begin with the End in Mind To know what we want before we begin; develop a clear picture of where we want to go in life (Habit 2).
Vision To look with our imagination at what could be/what the future may hold.
Mission Statement A document that expresses our personal sense of purpose and meaning in life. It is a standard by which we evaluate decisions and choose behaviors.
Put First Things First Prioritize and do the most important things first. How we choose to spend our time (Habit 3).
Priority An activity that we find valuable,, that contributes to our mission and goals.
Urgent An activity that we, or others, feel requires immediate attention.
Punctual To be prompt, or on time.
Role A position we occupy in relation to others.
Plan A proposed course of action with a specific purpose in mind.
Yes-person Someone who is a people pleaser, and always puts the wants/needs of others ahead of their own.
Procrastinator Someone who waits until the very last minute to complete important tasks.
Slacker Someone who busies themselves with unimportant things.
Prioritizer Someone who thinks and plans ahead to make sure important tasks are complete, so they have time to spend on things they enjoy.
Initiative To show incentive to make plans and take charge.
Think Win-Win Wanting other people to be be successful/win as well as ourselves; mutual benefit. (Habit 4)f
Win-Lose At least I'm better than you; always need to be the best/better than everyone else; Totem Pole
Lose-Win The victim/martyr; sacrifice yourself/the win for the benefit of others; always compromise/give in; Doormat.
Lose-Lose If I don't win, neither will you; If I'm going down, your going down with me; Downward Sprial.
Competition Rivalry between two or more profit or prize.
Cooperation Joint action for a common benefit.
Resourceful To find creative ways to do things or solve problems.
Foundations The roots of our bring; the groundwork for who we will become.
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