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PD/Health/PE Exam

PD/Health/PE Exam Study.

List 3 lifestyle diseases Diabeties type 2, Heart disease, and strokes.
What are some short time effects of alcohol? Nausia, headaches, dizziness. etc.
What are some long term effects of alcohol? heart disease, brain damage, death.
What are some effects of puberty in boys? wet dreams, liking girls, erections, growth sperts.
What are some effects of puberty in girls? Periods, mood swings, liking boys,Hair, breasts, becoming more worried over how you look.
"Smoking cannot affect the people around you" true or false False, the smoke you breath out is almsot more dangerous than the smoke you inhale this is called pasive smoking.
What are some long term effects of smoking? Coughing, Lung/heart/brain disease, rotting teeth/skin etc.
what are relationships they are things like boyfriend girlfriend, friendships like bbf and best friends,this can also stretch to the poeple in your family too.
what ways can people bully? Cyber, emotional, verbal, physical
why do people bully? they could be depressed or been bullied themselves.
Created by: Jess Armstrong