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Health- Drugs

Street drugs: Made or sold outside of government regulations.
Marijuana: a plant that contains the chemical THC, that is smoked and it effects the functioning of the brain and damages heart/lungs. The most commonly used street drug, addictive. AKA: pot, grass, weed, joint, herb.
Hallucinogens: also considered street drugs.
Club drugs: drugs associated with night clubs, concerts and raves.
Ecstasy: A stimulant/hallucinogen pill. Can cause permanent brain damage. AKA E, X, XTC.
GBH: a depressant powder/liquid. Extremely dangerous when combined with alcohol or other drugs. Results in sleep, coma, or death. AKA: Liquid ecstasy, liquid X, Georgia home boy.
Rohypnol: powerful sedative pill. causes sleepiness and possible blackouts. AKA: date rape drug, roofies, r-2.
Ketamine: anesthetic used by veterinarians for animals, causes hallucinogens. Possible respiratory failure.
Anabolic steroids: is a synthetic form of the male growth hormone that causes muscles to bulk up quickly. Harmful effects: acne, mood swings, nausea, liver damage, brain cancers, shorter adult height when used by teens or children.
Hypnotics: powerful drugs that bring on sleep. AKA: Quaaludes, ludes, sopor.
Hallucinogens: Distort moods, thoughts and senses often leads to a misjudgment which can result in death.
PCP: a powerful and dangerous hallucinogen. Often produces strange destructive behavior. AKA: angel dust, supergrass, killer weed, rocket fuel.
LSD: powerful hallucinogen, produces rapid mood swings, hallucinations, feelings of fear/terror. AKA: acid, blotter, microdot, white lightning.
Inhalants: any substances whose fumes are sniffed and inhaled to produce a mind altering sensation. fumes go directly to the brain and will damage the brain, liver, kidneys and other vital organs. A single use can result in sudden death.
Inhalants ex: spray paint, cleaning fluid, lighter fluid, hair spray, nail polish remover.
Drug misuse: Improper use of a medication as specified by a doctor.
drug abuse: illegal use of a drug, use of a substance that shouldn't enter the body.
addiction: a physical or psychological need for a drug.
What are the 5 drug classifications? Narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, inhalants.
Narcotics: specific drugs that are obtainable only by prescription and are used to relieve pain. Very addictive.
Morphine: Prescription drug used to treat extreme pain.
Codeine: prescription drug used to treat extreme pain.
Heroin: illegal drug made from morphine. Most commonly abused narcotic, potentially fatal.
Stimulants: substances that speed up the body's functions like heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. ex: caffeine, amphetamine, cocaine, crack. Very addictive.
Caffeine: drug found in cocoa, coffee, tea, and soft drinks.
Amphetamine: stimulates the central nervous system. often prescribed for treating hyperactive children.
Methamphetamine: prescribed for treating narcolepsy, Parkinson's disease, obesity.
Cocaine: Powerful, illegal stimulant, potentially fatal.
Crack: concentrated form of cocaine that can be smoked. effects are stronger than cocaine, potentially fatal.
Depressants: substances that slow down the body's functions and reactions like heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. AKA: sedatives.
Tranquilizers: prescribed to help reduce anxiety and relax the muscles, AKA: valium, Librium, Xanax
Barbiturates: powerful sedatives that produce a feeling of relaxation. AKA: downers, barbs, yellow jackets, reds.
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