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Nutrition & Exercise

8th grade health study guide!!

Improves Muscle Tone and Increases Energy Physical
Provides opportunities to make new friends and share common goals Social
Reduces Stress and Increases Self Esteem Mental/Emotional
Nonstop, Repetitive, and Vigorous exercise that improves your muscular endurance Example: Running Aerobic
Exercise where you work your muscles in short and difficult bursts to improve muscular strength Example: Sprinting Anaerobic
The most weight you can lift or the most force you can exert at one time Muscular Strength
The ability of your muscles to exert a force over time without becoming overly tired Muscular Endurance
The ability to move within the range of motion for each joint Flexibility
How effectively your heart and lungs work during exercise and how quickly they return to normal after exercise Heart and Lung Endurance
The proportion of body fat to lean body tissue, such as muscle or bone Body Composition
Nutrients, such as sugars and starches, which are found in plants, that are the main source of energy for the body, Carbohydrates
A unit of heat, and how we measure energy in food Calories
The part of fruits, vegetables, and grains that cannot be digested Fiber
Unhealthy fats found in meat and dairy products Saturated Fats
A waxy fatlike substance found in the cells of all animals Cholesterol
Essential for growth and repair of body cells Protein
Healthier liquid fats found in vegetable oils Unsaturated Fats
The combination of what one eats and drinks Diet
Nutrients needed in small quantities to support all body functions Vitamins/Minerals
The process of taking in food and using it for growth and health Nutrition
Pick the 2 Ways to make your fried chicken sandwich with bacon healthier *Get it grilled instead of fried *Get it with extra bacon *Get it in gluten-free bun *Get it with extra veggies Get it grilled and with extra vegetables
An eating disorder characterized by self starvation leading to extreme weight loss Anorexia
An eating disorder characterized by repeatedly eating large portions and then trying to get rid of it (Binging and Purging)_ Bulimia
Which of these are not signs or symptoms of anorexia? *Obsessing over being thin *Needs to exercise constantly *Binging Binging
Which of these are not signs or symptoms of bulimia? *extreme weight loss *Binging and Purging *Talking about food constanty Extreme Weight Loss
Which one of these people shouldn't you talk to if you suspect that your friend has an eating disorder? *Your friend *A trusted adult *Your whole school *a local organization to help them *your doctor Your whole school
Created by: _amanda_