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Psychology SA

Health Psychology Short Answer

Name one of the medications used for problem drinking and explain how it curbs alcohol abuse. Acamprostate; Affects GABA to reduce cravings
3 Differences between people with bulimia and people with Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia - Ambitious perfectionists Obsessive about body fat and control Alcohol and drug abuse not common Bulimia - Impulsive Obsessive about food and next binge Alcohol and drug abuse common
List 4 treatment programs for alchoholics Self Monitoring, Medication, Self-Help Groups, and Stress Management
Describe Set Point Theory of Weight Each individual has an ideal body weight and with proper diet and exercise your body will regulate its own weight.
List cognitive behavioral strategies to prevent relapse for exercise and diet. Reminders from friends and families, keep a workout and food journal.
Describe different types of nicotine replacement therapy and how they're used. Nicotine replacement therapy decreases doses of nicotine. Nicotine gum works slowly, patch releases nicotine in steady doses, inhalers mimic hand-to-mouth action, sprays are the fastest acting.
Describe Stress Response Dampening (SRD) Phenomenon where people who have been drinking do not respond as strongly to stressors.
What are some of the causes of the obesity epidemic? Increasing portion size, genetic susceptibility, low level of physical activity, availability of high fat foods.
5 risk factors for smoking in adolescence -Parents smoke -Peer pressure -low self-esteem -major family stressors -increased availability
Explain nicotine regulation theory and how it affects the body People smoke to maintain nicotine levels. Nicotine may increase memory and task production, elevated mood and lessened anxiety and tension.
FITT formula for aerobic exercise F- Frequency; days per week I- Intensity; how hard and how high the heart rate T- Time; length and number of sessions T- Type; kind of physical activity
Define C.A.G.E. Based on 4 questions -Do you need to CUT down on drinking? -Have people ANNOYED you by criticizing your drinking? -Have you felt GUILTY about your drinking? -Have you had an "EYE OPENER" in the morning to steady nerves?
Disease model in terms of why people drink. People drink because of the disease of alcoholism . Gamma - Loss of control once drinking Delta - Inability to abstain from drinking
3 social engineering programs to decrease alcohol use and abuse -Ban alcohol advertising -Raise legal drinking age -Strictly enforce penalties for drunk driving
5 types of physical activity -Isometric; pushing against a wall -Isotonic; weightlifting -Isokenetic; resistance equipment -Anaerobic;softball -Aerobic; jogging
3 symptoms of alcoholism and problem drinking -Difficulty in performing jobs -Inability to function well socially w/o alcohol -Legal difficulties such as drunk driving
2 methods for successful intervention of problem drinking in college students -Encourage students to gain control over drinking rather than eliminating drinking all together -Self monitoring often reduces drinking
Describe motivational interviewing -Keeps patient by receiving feedback about his/her efforts -Helps develop discrepancy and self efficacy.
How does education affect alcohol abuse rates? -Rate of current drinkers increases with education -Rate of heavy/binge drinkers decreases w/ education
Describe stimulants and give 2 examples Type of drug that stimulates the nervous system, causes alertness and energy in some and anxiousness and a jittery feeling in others.
Describe insulin levels after a meal Insulin levels spike after a meal to facilitate uptake of sugar into cells. Levels fall after digestion.
Define withdrawal and its symptoms -Unpleasant symptoms people experience when they stop using a substance. -Usually opposite of the drug's effects. Anxiety, irritability, nausea and headaches.
Describe difference between muscle strength and muscle endurance. -Muscle strength is how strongly a muscle can contract. -Muscle endurance is how long a muscle can perform a continued action.
5 schedules of FDA drug classification -Schedule I; High abuse, no medical use, illegal (Heroin) -Schedule II; High abuse, some medical use, psychological dependence (Cocaine) -Schedule III; Moderate physical dependence and high psychological dependence, medical use (some tranquilizers)
5 schedules of FDA drug classification (cont.) -Schedule IV; Low abuse, limited dependence, medical use (Most tranquilizers) -Schedule V; Lowest abuse rate (Over-the-counter)
Why people drink according to social learning. -taste and immediate effects (positive reinforcement) -allows person to escape unpleasant situations (negative reinforcement) -person learned from peers or environment (modeling)
Explain how grehlin, insulin and CCK regulate consumption -grehlin tells us to eat -insulin tells cells to use the glucose -CCK tells us when to stop eating
How can someone self-regulate driving while drunk? -Have a designated driver -Take a taxi -Wait before driving
What enzymes are involved in the breakdown of alcohol and how does the metabolizing process produce adverse health outcomes? -Alcohol dehydrogenase breaks down alcohol into aldehyde. Aldehyde dehydrogenase converts aldehyde into acetic acid. -Metabolism results in lactic acid which correlates w/ anxiety attacks and uric acid which causes gout and fat in the liver and blood.
Health benefits of alcochol -Lower risk for diabetes, gallstones, and Alzheimer's -Reduced cardiovascular mortality -Reduced risk for ischemic stroke
List and explain factors that predict smoking -Gender; males more likely than females -Ethnicity; Native Americans more likely than Asian -Age; 65 and above have lowest chance of smoking -Income; unemployed more likely to smoke -Education; higher education = lower rate of smoking
2008 exercise recommendations for people under 65 -30 min/day 5 days/week of moderately intense OR -20 min/day 3 days/week of vigorously intense
3 essential elements of why people drink according to alcohol dependency syndrome -increased tolerance -withdrawal symptoms -awareness of the compulsion to drink
Explain the difference between organic & dynamic fitness -Organic fitness is a limit for action and movement determined by inherent characteristics of body, health limitations, genetics, or age. (Tommy performs limited amount of exercise because of his scoliosis.)
Explain the difference between organic & dynamic fitness (cont.) -Dynamic fitness is acquired through various types of physical activity. (Bob increased his max amount of sit ups through cardio training and gradual increase.
What is considered low risk drinking for men and women? -2 or less drinks/day 5 days/week for men -1 or less drinks/day 5 days/week for women
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