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Psychology MC

Health Psychology Multiple Choice

Alcohol abuse screening tool CAGE
Body shape with highest risk for cardiovascular disease Apple
Alcohol results in acetic acid
40% traffic related deaths are a result of alcohol
The race with the highest amount of binge drinking native american
leptin does not signal the thalamus
requires a dramtic increase of oxygen over time aerobic
FDA drug low physical dependence, high psychological dependence Schedule III
loss of control once drinking begins Gamma Alcoholism
heavy drinking for men >14 drinks per week
Disease caused mostly by smoking COPD
contracting muscles against an immovable object isometric
is not a benefit of light drinking lower cancer risk
not a theory for why people drink Cognitive pleasurable model
is not a viral infection strep throat
Recommended exercise for people <65 30 min/day 5 days/week
FDA drug that is prescription only Schedule IV
Heavy drinking for women >7 drinks per week
enzyme produced by the stomach ghrelin
LSD is a Schedule I
People who quit smoking on average gain 11lbs
Weight lifting is what kind of exercise isotonic
Inspiration is . Expiration is . Active, Passive
sleep loss increase ghrelin levels
the enzyme that turns alcohol into aldehyde Alcohol dehydrogenase
a light smoker who generally only smokes in social settings Chipper
Produced in the liver then stored in the gallbladder bile salts
enzyme that makes people feel full leptin
is not a chemical used to reduce alcohol consumption ditrestate
enzyme that spikes before meals and drops after ghrelin
primary location for food absorbtion small intestine
Must have . to contract Hep. D Hep. B
BMI to be considered morbidly obese >40
causes 50% of all gastroenteritis norovirus (stomach flu)
Bacterial infection in the upper respiratory tract, causes damage to nerves, kidneys, and adrenal cortex Diptheria
Over-the-counter medications are considered schedule V
model that says people develop drinking problems because of genetics medical model
Chemical treatment that blocks opiates in the brain to make alcohol have unpleasant effects Naltrexone
Cholecystokinin (CCK) produces a feeling of fullness
the 4th killer in the U.S. 80% results from smoking COPD
not part of the respiratory system esophagus
Created by: harli93