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DV read assign L14

Dean Vaugn Reading Assignment Lesson 14

Apophysis A "growth away from"; and outgrowth, especially a bony outgrowth
Apogeny Lack of the power to reproduce
Blastoma A tumor formed from tissues the same as those in the location in which it arises, as contrasted to a tumor composed of tissues in addition to or other than those in the area from which it develops
Angioblastoma A blood vessel tumor
Diglossia Double tongue
Dihysteria Condition of having double uterus
Diarrhea A "flowing through"; an excessive flow of loose matter from the bowels
Dialysis A "loosening apart"; a process by which substances in solution are separated from each other; especially the separation of impurities from the blood during kidney failure
Dislocation "apart or away from its place"; Specifically to displace a bone from its correct location
Disesthesia The "opposite feeling"; discomfort
Aneurysm A sac formed by the local enlargement of the weakened of an artery, caused by disease or injury
Eurycephalous Having a wide head
Leptodactyly Abnormal slenderness of fingers and toes
Leptodermic Thin skinned
Lymphaden Referring to a lymph gland or lymph node
Mesentery A membranous fold attaching the small intestine to the base of the abdominal wall
Mesonasal Situated in the middle of the nose
Mediastinum "occurring in the middle"; A membranous partition between two cavities of the body; especially the membrane separating the lungs
Metamorphosis "form change"; Change in shape or structure
Metaplasia "development change"; Abnormal change of one type of tissue to another; also, conversion of one tissue into another, as the cartilage of the infant into the bone of the adult
Osteomiosis "bone lessening"; Disintegration of a bone
Rhinomiosis "nose lessening"; Surgery for the reduction of the size of the nose
Monomorphous "single shape"; Existing in one form only; having the same form throughout all stages of development isomorphic
Amorphous "no shape"; Without definite form; shapeless
Necrosis Death of tissue
Necrectomy The cutting away (excision) of dead material
Expectorate "out of chest"; To cough and spit out
Pectoralgia Pain in chest
Pernasal "through the nose"; Performed through the nose
Percutaneous "through the skin"; Performed through the skin as an injection
Proximal Nearest; closer to any point of reference; opposed to distal (farther)
Proximate Next or nearest
Hemorrhage A substantial flow of blood; bleeding
Enterorrhagia Intestinal blood flow
Metrorrhagia Uterine bleeding
Otorrhea "ear flow"; A discharge from the ear
Catarrh "flow down"; Shortened from catarrh; inflammation of mucous membrane with a free discharge of mucus; runny (that is, flowing) nose
Rachiscoliosis Curvature of the spine; more frequently shortened to scoliosis without the preceeding rachi-
Scolecoid Worm-shaped
Splanchnectopia Out of place internal organ
Eusplanchnia A normal (good) condition of the internal organs
Stasis A stoppage of the flow of blood or other body fluid in any body part
Diastasis "standing apart"; A form of bone dislocation
Hemostasis The arrest of the escape of blood; the checking of the flow of blood
Tentanus Lockjaw; An acute infectious disease characterized by spasmodic contractions and rigidity of some or all of the voluntary muscles
Bronchotetany Bronchospasm; Contraction of the bronchial tubes due to excessive constriction of the muscles surrounding them
Volvulus Intestinal obstruction due to a knotting and twisting of the bowel
Volvulate To twist or form a knot
Convolution "rolled together"; A twisting. coiling, or winding together; specifically, any of the folds or ridges on the surface of the brain
Involution Failure of a part to return to its normal size and condition after enlargement
Xerosis Abnormal dryness as of the eye or skin
Xerocheilia "dry lips"; Dryness of the lips
Created by: tina.reynolds