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Health Basics

What are the three divisions of health? Physical, Mental, and Emotional health.
What is health? is the condition of your life that includes your physical, social and mental well being.
what is physical health? is the condition of your body. Ex: exercise, drugs, diseases, diet, sleep, physical disability, growth.
what is social health? is the quality of your relationships with others. Ex: family, friends, cooperation, teammates, classmates, neighbors, coworkers, peer pressure, dating, marriage, fighting, bulling, teasing.
What is mental health? AKA: emotional health is the condition of your mind and the expression of your feelings. Ex: self esteem, stress, depression, self injuring, suicide, eating disorders, decision making, mental illness.
what is wellness? the highest level of health you can achieve. Ex: having good physical, mental, and emotional health, taking responsibility for your own actions.
Steps of decision making: Determine the problem, examine the possible choices, consider the consequences, identify your values, decide and act, evaluate your decision.
what is self esteem? includes a persons subjective appraisal of himself or herself as intrinsically positive or negative to some degree. How much a person likes, accepts and respects themselves.
characteristics of high self esteem: act independently, assume responsibility, being proud of accomplishments, approach new challenges, tolerate frustration well, exhibit a broad range of emotions, feel capable of influencing others.
characteristics of low self esteem: Demean their own talents, feel others don't value them, feeling powerless, being easily influenced by others, express a narrow range of emotions, avoiding situations that provoke anxiety, becoming defensive and easily frustrated.
what is stress? your bodies response to change.
what is eustress? positive/good stress.
what is distress? negative/bad stress.
what is stressor? anything that causes stress.
what is fight-or-flight? the process by which the body prepares to deal with a stressor.
what is adrenaline? a hormone that gives the body extra energy.
what are examples of good stress? special occasions (wedding, holidays), sports (big games),school (getting good grades), family (parents)
what are bad examples of stress? Peer pressure, bulling, fear, fighting/arguing, procrastination.
How do you cope with stress? crying, laughing, screaming, exercise, communication.
what are ways to reduce/avoid stress? sleep (6-8 hours every night, time management (don't procrastinate), communication.
Fight or Flight: Fight: dealing with stress directly or quickly. Flight: removing yourself from the situation.
Created by: _briannab44_