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Rophynol Depresant AKA: Forget Pill, Roofies, Roach Taken: Swallowed, snorted, dissolved
Heroin Opiate AKA: Big H, Smack and thunder, Black tar Taken: Injected
Marijuana Depresant AKA: Aunt Mary, Blunt, Weed, Pot Taken:Smoked, put in food
Hashish Depresant AKA: Nup, Kif, Shish Taken: dried, smoked
Ecstay Stimulant AKA: Adam, Speed, Beans Taken: licked, swallowed, dissolved
Crack/ Cocaine Stimulant AKA: Coke, Snow, Flake Taken: snorted, injected
Inhalants Stimulant AKA: Huff, Rush, Gluey Taken: sniffed, inhaled, bagging
Steroids Stimulant Aka: Juice, Roids, Arnolds Taken: Injected, Capsules, tablets
LSD Hallucinogen AKA: Acid, Mellow Yellow, Dots Taken: tablets, liquid, capsules
Psilocybin Hallucinogen AKA: Magic Mushrooms, Mushrooms, and shrooms Taken: orally
GHB Depressant AKA: Goop, Scoop, Easy lay Taken: Liquid, powder
Speed Stimulant AKA: Ice, Crystal meth, shabu Taken: dissolved
PCP Hallucinogenic AKA: Angel Dust, boat, tic tac Taken: Smoked, Injected, inhaled
Methamphetamines Depresant AKA: chalk, Uppers, Black Beauties Taken:Pill or powder, injected, smoked
Nicotine Stimulant AKA: cigarettes, Tobbacco, Dip Taken: Smoke, orally
Alcohol Stimulant/ depressant AKA: Booze, Giggle juice, brew
Stimulant Drugs that temporarily increase a persons energy and alertness
Depressant Drugs that cause relaxation and sleepiness
Club Drug Rave Drug/ recreational drug
Reasons for use of drugs Want to escape Depression Try new things Risktakers
Things they have in common They affect the brain Dangerous to your health Result in drug Dependence and addiction
affects on society Economics- very costly Crime- don't know what they doing so they do crazy things drugs affect everyone
affects on family Lose trust Violence Pregnancy
Opiates Highly addictive drugs from the poppy plant
Hallucinogens Make you hear/ see things
Overdose Use to many drugs
Created by: Niameb