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DV Read Assign L13

Dean Vaugn Reading Assignment Combine Elements

Ambient Surrounding, on both or all sides
Amplexation Braid or weave around
Amphicrania Pain on both sides of the head
Amphodiplopia Double vision in both eyes
Brachygnathia Abnormal shortness of the underjaw
Brachymorphic Built along lines that are shorter than those of the normal figure
Brachymetropia Nearsightedness
Capitopedal Pertaining to the head and foot
Occipital Bone The bone that forms the back of the skull
Biceps A muscle having two heads or points of origin; especially the large muscle in the front of the upper arm or the corresponding muscle at the back of the thigh
Catarrh A "flowing down"; inflammation of a mucous membrane with a discharge of mucous
Catheter A "sending down"; a slender tube which is inserted into a body cavity
Caustic Burning or corrosive; destructive to human tissue
Cauterize The application of a caust/ic substance, a hot iron, an electric current, or other means of killing tissue
Thermocautery Cauter/ization by means of a heated wire or point
Osteoclasia The destruction and absorption of bone
Osteoclast An instrument used to perform osteoclasis
Cardioclasis Literally a "broken heart"; actually,rupture of the heart
Abductor A muscle that draws a part of the body away from the midline
Adductor The opposite of abductor; a muscle that draws a part of the body toward the midline
Euglcyemia Normal level of glucose in the blood
Eupnea Normal breathing, normal respiration
Fissure Any cleft or groove, normal or otherwise
Fissula A little cleft
Geriatrics The branch of medicine that deals with the diseases and hygiene of old age
Acrogeria "Old extremities"; Condition of premature aging of skin of the hands and feet
Gynecology The branch of medicine dealing with the specific functions and diseases of women. The specialist is a gynecologist
Gynecomastia "woman-breast condition"; Excessive development of the male mammary glands
Heterotopia "different place"; Displacement or misplacement of parts or organs
Myeleterosis Morbid alteration of the spinal cord
Homogenous "standing the same"; A tendency toward uniformity or stability in the normal body states
Homotransplant A piece of tissue taken from one individual and transplanted in another individual of the same species
Inferolateral Situated below and to one side
Inferoposterior Situated below and behind
Olfactophobia Morbid aversion to odors
Olfactory Pertaining to the sense of smell
Anorthopia "not straight vision"; Distorted vision
Orthosis The straightening of a distorted part
Pachydermia Skin thickness; abnormal thickness of the skin
Pachyemia Blood thickness; Thickening of the blood
Diaphragm "blocking across"; A partition; the partition of muscles and tendons between the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity; the midriff
Urethrophraxis Blocking (obstruction) of the urethra
Leukoplakia The development of white patches upon the tissues of the mouth
Malacoplakia The formation of soft patches on mucous membranes such as those of the bladder and ureters
Posteroinferior Behind and below
Posterosuperior Behind and above
Pseudopregnancy False pregnancy
Pseudocirrhosis Apparent cirrhosis of the liver due to some other cause
Cheiloschisis "split lip"; Harelip
Schizonychia Splitting of the nails
Ventricle "little cavity"; Small cavities or pouches; the heart
Ventrocystorrhapy The stitching (suturing) of a cyst; or the stitching of the bladder to the abdominal wall
Vertigo A sensation of dizziness in which we feel that we or our surrounding is turning or whirling about in a sickening manner
Retroversion "turned back"; The tipping of an entire organ backward
Created by: tina.reynolds