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DV Reading AssignL11

Dean Vauggn Lesson 11 Reading Assignment

abneural passing from a nerve
avulsion "a pulling away from"
antepartum occurring before birth
anteroposterior from front to back
anterior situated more toward the forward part of an organ
cryoextraction the application of low temperature in the removal of a body part
cryotherapy the therapeutic use of cold
hematocryal cold blooded
exostosis a condition(bony growth) projecting outward from the surface of a bone
exogenic developed or originating outside of the body
extrahepatic situated outside of the liver
glomus a small round anatomical(normal) swelling made up of tiny blood vessels
glomerulus a tufted structure or a cluster generally composed of blood vessels in the kidney
glomerular pertaining to or of the nature of a glomerulus
inframammary situated below the mammary gland
infracostal beneath the ribs or beneath a rib
inframaxillary beneath the jawbone
intermuscular between muscles
interdigital between adjacent fingers or toes
interosseous between bones
intraspinal situated or occurring within the vertebral column
intraoperative performed or occurring within the course of a surgical operation
rhinolalia a nasal quality of voice due to some disorder or defect of the nasal passages
bradylalia abnormally slow speech due to a brain disorder
lalophobia fear or extreme dislike of speaking often associated with stuttering
lien name for the spleen
gastrolienal pertaining to the stomach and the spleen
leinorhinal pertaining to the spleen and the kidney
lumbar pertaining to the loins
dorsolumbar pertaining to the back and the loins
supralumbar situated above the loins
macrodontia abnormal increase in the size of the teeth
macrostomia "big mouth" greatly exaggerated width of the mouth
malformation defective or abnormal formation; deformity
maldigestion faulty or impaired digestion
pharmacy the art of preparing, compounding and dispensing medicines
pharmical pertaining to the pharmacy
panplegia total paralysis
hemiplegia paralysis of one side of the body
prolific fruitful; productive
proliferous characterized by the production of offspring
puerpera a woman who has just given birth to a child; new mother
puerperium the period or state of confinement after labor
sarcoma tumor made up of fleshy substance
sarcocele any fleshy swelling
insomnia inability to sleep
hypersomnia uncontrollable drowsiness
somnipathy any disease of sleep
myospasia a spasmodic condition in which rigidity of the muscles is followed immediately by relaxation
myospasmia disease characterized by uncontrollable muscle spasms
muscular tension the condition of moderate tension produced by a stretching muscle
tenoitis inflammation of a tendon
epithelium a tissue covering surfaces, forming glands and lining most cavities of the body
thrombus s clot in a blood vessel or one of the cavities of the heart, formed by coagulation of the blood
labial vestibule that portion of the vestibule of the mouth which lies between the inside of the lips and the outside of the teeth and gums
vestibule of the mouth that portion of the oral cavity between the inside of the lips and cheeks and the outside of the teeth and gums
thrombocyte "a clotting cell" a small cell in the body which plays an important part in clotting
Created by: tina.reynolds