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Health Info Terms

Put term or word in your own words

Medical Staff bylaws medical team leaders lead other members of the staff through rights and responsibilites, including watching their behavior.
subpoena duces tecum The Director of HIM has to give the courts a medical document or record to be used as evidence in court.
utilization review the process to conclude the certain medical services a patient needs or should plan on needing.
quality indicators guidelines for comparing health organizations on state level and on a national level.
Third-party payers private insurance companies, usually provided to people through their employers
unique identifier a number that is given to only one patient- in order to find them easily and make them unique
risk management preventing situations from happening that might put the hospital, doctors, and patients in danger
Accreditation is optional to a health care organization- shows that the hospital has met the standards given by Joint Commission that make them a reliable hospital
Licensure mandatory to health care organizations- states that the organization have met regulations in order to be able to see and treat patients.
Certification optional for a health care organization. Says that a hospital can give care to a certain group of people, with specific needs.
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