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Ch. 2 Quiz 3

Life Skills

Life Skill A tool for building a healthy life
Coping Dealing with problems and troubles in an effective way
Consumer A person who buys/uses products or services
Media All public forms of communication, such as TV, radio, new3spaper, the internet, advertisements
Resource Something/someone that you can use to help you achieve a goal
Consequence The result of your actions and decisions
Collaborate To work together with one or more people
Peer Pressure A feeling that you should do something because that is what your friends want you to do
Direct Pressure The pressure that results when someone tries to convince you to do something you wouldn't normally do
Indirect Pressure The pressure that results from being swayed to do something because people you look up to are doing it
Refusal Skill A strategy/technique that helps you avoid doing something you don't want to do
Goal Something that you work toward and hope to achieve
Action Plan A set of directions that will help you reach your goal
Persistent Pressure Pressure that is continous and repeated
Stop And admit you made a poor decision; take responsibility for what you've done
Think About who you can talk to about the problem; discuss ways to correct the situation
Go And do your best to correct the situation; apologize and learn from your mistake
Give Thought to the problem
Review Your choices/options (Part of the GREAT Decision Making Model)
Evaluate The consequences of each option
Assess And choose the best choice
Think It over afterward; reflect on your choice
Direct Pressure Teasing, Explanation, Threats, Bribery, Put-downs, Persuasion
Indirect Pressure TV, Radio, Advertising, Role Models, Popular People, Famous People
Safe Is this goal going to harm me?
Satisfying Will this goal make me feel good about myself when I reach it?
Sensible Is this goal realistic/achievable?
Similar Does this goal contradict any of my other goals? Will it impede my chances of succeeding with my other goals?
Specific Are all of the steps toward reaching my goal clear?
Supported Do my parents and other responsible adults have my back on achieving this goal?
Created by: Mjunko