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HEIM 360 Vocab

Review of Terms from pg 71-101

Master Patient Index Patients are registered into this system, it generates their MRN so you can locate their specific record at a later time.
Face sheet A basic identification sheet for each patient that can include demographic information, it can be on paper or a page on the electronic system.
Licensure Process where the state grants a health office the right to practice medicine and provide services to the public.
Accreditation Process where very influential accrediting bodies, mainly the JC (joint commission) give their seal of approval to a health care provider. Gaining this approval means you have met the JC's standards and you met the COPs
Certification Process where the CMS grants a provider/practice the right to deliver health care services to a certain group of individuals. This is a quasi-optional process to go through.
Credentialing When medical staff offices review a provider's history, their qualifications, certifications, proof of their residencies/fellowships. It is similar to a background check for doctors.
Risk Management Trying to prevent situations that could harm anyone associated with the hospital; patients, doctors, or even visitors. This practice is greatly improved by using incident reporting methods.
Incident Report A document often used in risk management practices. It describes the date/time/ and circumstances of an accident/error that may have occurred, it also states the individuals involved and how they are doing afterwards.
Transcriptionists Specially educated and trained professionals who have a background in medical terminology and can type up the records dictated by physicians.
Unique Identifier A number (mainly) hat can accurately identify one and only one patient. An example would be a social security number or a medical patient number. (MRN) These identifiers are used to help hospitals find and maintain the correct records.
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