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DV Reading Assign L8

Medical terminology words that use the elements introduced in Lesson 8

corneal pertaining to the cornea of the eye
corneous hornlike or horny
dactlyospasm a spasm or cramp of a finger or toe
isodactylism condition in which the fingers are of relatively equal length
edamatous pertaining to or affected by edema
pneumonedema abnormal quantities of fluid in the lungs
dactyledema abnormal swelling of the fingers or toes due to fluid accumulation
ependyma name of the membrane lining the cavities of the brain and the canal enclosing the spinal cord
ependymopathy any disease affecting the membrane that lines the cavities of the brain and the canal enclosing the spinal cord
ependymitits inflammation of the membrane that lines the cavities of the brain and the canal enclosing the spinal cord
fistulous pertaining to or of the nature of an abnormal passage
fistulization surgical creation of an opening into a hollow organ or of an opening between two structures which were not previously connected
fistuloenterostomy the operation of making a fistula empty permanently into the intestine
bifurcation division into two branches; the site where a single structure divides into two
bifurcate forked; divided into two like a fork
glycemia the presence of sugar in the blood
glycopenia deficiency of sugar in the body tissues
glycolysis the breaking down of sugar into simpler compounds
gravid pregnant; containing developing young
gravidic occuring during pregnancy
gravidocardiac pertaining to heart disease during pregnancy
iris name of colored membrane of the eye
iridization patient's perception of colored halos about lights, occurring in glaucoma(a disease of the eye marked by increased pressure within the eyeball)
karatoderma a horny skin or covering
hyperkeratosis overgrowth of the horny layer of the skin
keratocentesis puncture of the cornea
keratomalacia softening of the cornea
metabolism sum of all the physical and chemical processes by which living organized substances is produced and maintained including the transformation in which energy is made available for the use of the body
basal metabolism minimal energy needed to maintain the physical and chemical activities of the body
omentoplasty use of omental grafts; surgical repair using the omentum as the grafting material
omentum name of the membranous cover of the abdominal organs
oophoron ovary
oophoropexy surgical fixation or attaching of the ovary
hystero-oophorectomy surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries
parietitis inflammation of the wall of an organ
onychophagy nail biting
phagomania an insatiable (impossible to satisfy) craving for food; eating mania
odynophagia pain in swallowing
bradyphrenia slowness of mental activity such as initiative, interest, speech, frequently accompanying encephalitis
leuplakia a disease marked by white thickened patches on the mucous membrane of the cheeks, gum and tongue
malacoplakia formation of soft patches on the mucous membrane of a hollow organ
pneumatic pertaining to air or respiration (breathing)
pneumonitis condition of localized, acute inflammation of the lung without the range of complication and symptoms accompanying the lung without the range of complications and symptoms accompanying pneumonia
bradypnea abnormal slowness of breathing
hypopnea abnormal decrease in the speed and depth of breathing
ptylectasis dilation (enlarging) of salivary duct by surgery
ptyalogenic formed from or by the action of saliva
pulmonic pertaining to the lungs
renopulmonary pertaining to the kidney
radiotherapy treatment of disease by the use of x-rays or rays from a radioactive substance
radiculoneuropathy disease of nerve roots and the nerve
radicle any one of the smallest branches of a vessel or nerve
sedation the act or process of calming
sedative an agent such as a drug that calms or reduces excitement
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