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Child Development

Planning & Pre-Pregnancy This is when the family starts planning and making decisions about whether and when to become parents.
Infants needs by providing special food, adapting to erratic sleep cycles, and providing comfort to their child at all times.
Toddlers Motor-Skills: crawl, sit-up, walk. Develop hand-eye coordination.
Child Form Friendships Need a lot of attention Start think about their education
Adolescents Start forming their own identity Parents need to be there to help guide
Young Adults Their parents choice of parenting styles shows thru their attitude
Adults Parenting never stops
Authoritative Parenting High expectations Most successful like to debate
Authoritative Parenting Results High self-esteem Know how to form their own opinion
Authoritarian Parenting Do not explain rules Likely to hit their child
Authoritarian Parenting Results Lack social competence Marry into abusive relationships Feel relief when parents die They develop mental illnesses
Permissive Parenting Few or no behavior expectations Want to be child's best friend
Permissive Parenting Results Barely get punished Cannot except responsibility Tend to stay near parents
Neglectful Parenting Doesn't care for child
Neglectful Parenting Results children grow up feeling resentment against their parents for being neglectful and often might be estranged from them in adulthood.
Created by: Niameb