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hx pharmacy tech

pharmacy tech hx

Propose that disease came from natural, not supernatural causes Used dissection to study human body’s organs’ functions Hippocrates
Humors (blood, phlegm, black bile, yellow bile) Galen
Official listings of medical preparations Florence, Italy: Nuovo Receptario Nuremberg, Germay: Dispensatorium Pharmacopoeias
Defined boundaries between practice of physicians and pharmacists 1852, formation of the American Pharmaceutical Association American Civil War
Responsible for appropriate dispensing and use of drugs Directs patient care and counseling Pharmacist
Assists the pharmacist Role depends on state law Manages computer systems Ensures that safe and effective systems are in place Pharmacy Technician
Maintains national certification program Develops standards Credentialing agency Certified technicians must be recertified every two years by the PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB)
Study and identification of natural sources for drugs plants, animals, minerals, chemicals, recombinant DNA Pharmacognosy
Produced by recombinant DNA technology Biopharmaceuticals
Chemical makeup Long and difficult to pronounce Chemical Name
Name the manufacturer gives a drug Nonproprietary drug, not protected by trademark Generic name
Trade name Copyrighted and used exclusively Brand name
Active component in single word When two or more components, list principal, active ingredient first Use of common stems for drug groups Guidelines for drug names
first attempt by U.S. government to regulate the sale of drugs or substances that affect the body Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
1930 FDA year established
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