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Dim. of Wellness

What are the five healthy habits? 9 hours a sleep per day,5 fruits and veggies per day,2 hours of screen time per day,1 hour of exercise a day,0 sodas and sweets a day
Define Refusal Skills Communication strategies that help you say not to others effectively
Define Communication Skills You express your ideas and feelings and listen when others express theirs.
What does SMART stand for? Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely
Define Health A combination of physical, mental/emotional and social well-being. These things are all related to your total health. These parts are all what health is made up of. When you consider all of them, it is wellness.
Define Fitness A state of well-being or total health. Think of it as a combination of all the parts of health. (mental, social and physical)
Define Wellness The state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.
Specific Goal A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. To set a specific goal you must answer the six “W” questions
Measurable Goal Establish concrete criteria for measuring progress toward the attainment of each goal you set.
Attainable Goal When you identify goals that are most important to you, you begin to figure out ways you can make them come true. You develop the attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them.
Realistic Goal To be realistic, a goal must represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work.
Timely Goal A goal should be grounded within a time frame. With no time frame tied to it there’s no sense of urgency.
STOP Method stands for? Say no in a firm voice, Tell why not, Offer another idea, Promptly leave
Define Goal the process of working toward something that you want to accomplish.
Define Short Term Goal Goals you plan to accomplish in a short period of time, i.e. hours, days or weeks.
Define Long Term Goal Goals you plan to accomplish within a period of months or years.
The decision making process is what acronym? HELP
What is the HELP model? Healthful, Ethical, Legal and Parent Approval
Created by: sanders_health