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CRMA Recert 40 Hr

From the 40 Hr CRMA Study Guide for the Recert test

What are the 8 Rights? Right person, right med, right dose, right route, right time, right to know, right to refuse, right documentation
ac before meals
pc after meals
qd every day
qod every other day
bid twice a day
tid three times a day
qid four times a day
gm gram
mg milligram
mcg microgram
gr grain
SC subcutaneous
gtt drop
qh every hour
OD right eye
OS left eye
OU both eyes
AD right ear
AS left ear
AU both ears
tr trace
How many checks must be done during a med pass and when? Three - when you remove med from cabinet/cart, after popping, and before returning med to cabinet/cart
When must medical meds be renewed? Every 365 days/1 year
When must psychotropic meds be renewed? Every 90 days/3 months
When must Schedule II meds be renewed? Every 30 days/1 month
What are the 3 systems of measurement? Household, apothecary, and metric
What are the normal readings for B/P, pulse, and respirations? 120/80, 60-100, 16-20
1 cc equals how many mls? 1 ml
1 tsp equals how many mls? 5 ml
3 tsps equals how many Tbsps? 1 Tbsp
What is the time window for administering regularly scheduled meds? 1 hour before and 1 hour after the scheduled time
Do PRNs have a time window? No
How must Schedule II meds be documented? In the MAR, a bound book, and the individual count form.`
How must Schedule II meds be disposed of? They must be brought the pharmacist or police.
Can RNs or CRMAs destroy Schedule II meds? No.
How must Schedule II meds be stored? Under double lock.
How often must Schedule II meds be counted? Daily when in use, weekly when not in use.
What is the best practice for counting Schedule II meds? Counted by every shift.
What is the first thing to do before giving meds? Wash your hands.
How do you correct an error in documentation? Draw one line through, write error, initials, and date above.
Can you use white out to cover an error on a MAR or other legal document? No
Where can med info be found? Internet, PDR, other med reference book, pharmacist, RN
What type of med requires taking a pulse before giving? Cardiotonic meds
What are 3 cardiotonic meds? digitalis, digoxin, lanoxin
What are the 4 names all meds have? Generic, official, brand, and chemical
What four places are pulses usually taken? Radial, carotid, apical, pedal
Meds are usually made from what five sources? Plants, minerals, animals, micro-organisms, factories/labs
What are psychotropic meds for? Mind and mood
What are anticonvulsants for? Decreasing seizure activity
What are antihypertensives for? Reducing blood pressure
What are antiarrhythmics for? Regulating heart beat
What is aspirin for? An antipyretic and anticoagulant
What are analgesics for? Reducing pain
How are otic meds given? In the ears
How are optic meds given? In the eyes
What five places can a temp be taken? Orally, rectally, axillary, brow, ear
What are 8 routes for giving meds? Mouth, rectally, vaginally, subcutaneously, topically, in ear, in eye, inhaled
Who is authorized to take med orders by phone? Only RNs, LPNs, and Pharmacists
What three things do you need in order to give meds? Be certified, have your certification onsite, and have a Dr's order
CRMAs can't accept a phone order, but they can accept a... fax order/script
SL sublingual
Metric meter, gram, Liter
Household T, t, cups
Apothecary grains, drams
What 2 shots may CRMAs give? Insulin and epi-pen
Are Schedule I drugs prescribed? No
What does CHF mean? Congested heart failure
Is a refusal considered a med error? No, but it must be documented.
What temp should refrigerated meds be stored at? 35-41 degrees F
What are the 5 classes of controlled substance drugs? Schedule I, Schedule II, Schedule III, Schedule IV, and Schedule V
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