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LPT Infection Contro

Infection Prevention and Control

Medications that are given to supress or lessen the symptoms of a viral infection Antiviral Medications
An agent that kills or destroys bacteria Bactericidal
Providing immunization by administering a vaccine is also known as Inoculation
Saftey measures that consider all patients and their bodily fluids potentially infectious Universal or Standard Precautions
Immunization stimulates the body able to produce ____________to act against pathogens Antibodies
An infection that occurs in a healthcare setting is called A Healthcare Aquired Infection (HAI) or Nosocomial Infection
An agent that inhibits the growth of Bacteria Bacteriostatic
The body's ability to resist damage from a pathogen is immunity
A substance produced by the body to kill a specific germ is An Antibody
Pathogens are infection or disease causing microorganisms
Antimicrobial drugs fight infection by by killing germs directly or slowing their growth
The subsatance secreted by some pathogens to fight back against Penicillin is Penicillinase
What precautions should be instituted for patients with Tuberculosis? Airborne Precautions
The drainage from the lesions of a person with imetigo and Herpes are contagious. What precautions should be used? Contact Precautions
A patient with Tuberculosis should be placed in a private room with negative airflow
Herpes Zoster, Herpes, Influenza AIDS and the common cold are examples of ________ diseases Viral
An over reactin or exaggerated immunune response is also known as Hypersensitivity
Which viruses are healthcare worker's at higher risk of contracting? Bloodborne Pathogens- Hepatitis B and C and HIV
that the length of time to wash hands is 20 seconds
Universal or Standard precautions should be used when workihg with All People
Do you need to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when brushing a person's teeth? Yes
When done wearing a mask you would Grasp it by the ear pieces and discard it
When cleaning a surface such as a table, which part of the table do you clean first? Clean from the cleanest area to the dirtiest
When bathing a person, what is the last area that is washed? The anal area is last
With someone who has AIDS or Hepatitis you would be most cautious with clothing or linens that are wet with what body fluid? Blood
What steps would you take if you were cut by a used razor? Wash the area well then report it to your supervisor
Standard precautions say that all secretions are infectious
The most important PPE for preventing the spread of chicken pox or tuberculosis would be A Mask
Which Organ is harmed by Hepatitis B? The Liver
Used disposable razors should be disposed of in A sharps container
When washing your hands, you should turn off the faucet with the paper towel youused to dry your hands
The single most important procedure for preventing the spread of germs is Hand Washing or Hand Hygiene
If you get blood splashed on your pants you should change as soon as possible and wash them by themselves
With MOST infectious diseases, you are the most contagious when obvious symptoms of that disease occur
Chicken Pox (Varicella) is most contagious 1-2 days before lesions appear
Linens from an isolation room Should be placed in a plastic bag then into another laundry bag that is marked isolation
For general handwashing purposes at work, how much of your arms should you wash? Proper Hand Washing from the wrist down
Blood soaked dressings should be discarded in a special biohazard container that is then burned at a later date
A person who harbors a pathogenin their body but has no signs or symptoms of the disease it causes is a Carrier
Spreading bacteria from one place to another is known as Cross Contamination
When microorgansims are spread by droplet transmission, they travel in the air for a distance of about 3 feet
OSHA recommends that all workers who could come into contact with blood be vaccinated against Hepatitis B
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