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Nutrition Unit

What I need to know for my Nutrition test.

what is a nutrient substance in food that gives you energy and helps you grow
6 nutrients carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, water
example of a carb rice
example of a protein nuts
example of a fat meat
example of a vitamin vegetables and fruit
example of a vitamin iron
A of good health aim for fitness
B of good health build a healthy base
C of good health choose sensibley
tips to a great plate balance calories, avoid oversized portions, small amounts of sodium, fat free/low fat 1% milk, half grains whole grain
three factors that influence food choice smell, convenience, religion
what is an eating disorder discomfort in ones own body
anorexia starving yourself
bulimia eating a lot then throwing it up
main function of digestive system change food into substances body can use
digestive system fun fact you make 1-3 pints of saliva a day
what does keeping food safe mean preparing and eating it in the right way
five food groups grains, vegetables, fruit, dairy, protein
grain example bread
vegetable example pepper
fruit example apple
dairy example milk
protein example meat
what is an empty calorie food with no nutritional value
3 examples of empty calories cheese, soda, sports drink
Created by: edenbreslauer