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Mod C, unit 2

Nutrition and First Aid

What breaks down fat-soluble vitamins in the small intestines? Bile
Which trace mineral is associated with assisting in wound healing? Zinc
The substance the body usually uses for energy is Carbohydrates
What types of food are complex carbohydrates found in Grains, legumes, Tubers
What is the substance that is responsible for the buildup and repair of body tissue Protein
How many of the 22 amino acids can our body not synthesize(make)? 8
Cholesterol is categorized as what kind of nutrient? Fat
What is necessary for Vitamin D and bile production? Cholestrol
Fad diets can result in Electrolyte loss, dehydration, kidney disease, gout, calcium depletion
For High Blood Pressure what dietary restriction is first given? Sodium
For a Diabetic diet where is the focus placed? Having several small meals of complex-carbohydrates and protein foods
What kind of diet is generally the first type of nourishment given to post-sutgery patients Clear liquid diet
Diabetic ketoacidosis is treated with what? insulin
What is another name for fainting syncope
Another term for a nosebleed Epistaxis
To treat a nosebleed the patient should be postioned how? Sitting with head tilted slightly forward
An extreme allergic reaction characterized by shortness of breath and cyanosis is what? Anaphylaxis
_________ occurs from prolonged exposure to the cold- Patient complains of numbness, loss of feeling, the skin turns white, hard and cold. Frostbite
_______ is a device used to restart the heart by delivering electrical stimulation to the heart. defibrillator
the patient is hemorrhaging from an open fracture of the forearm. Which vessel should be compressed for indirect pressure? Brachial Artery
When using indirect pressure to stop bleeding from the injured site, pressure should be applied________. To the artery suppling the area
What are the four steps to stop bleeding? Direct Pressure Elevation Indirect Pressure Tourniquet
A loss of _________ of the total blood volume can be fatal. 25%-40%
Name four of the types of shock: Anaphylactic cardiogenic Hemorrhagic Neurogenic
List and describe the three categories of burns 1st degree- Dry, red, painful, involving only the epidermis 2nd degree- Dermis and epidermis damage, red, moist, painful 3rd degree- Full thickness burn, no pain, cherry red, brown, black color.
What are four critical burn situations? Head Hands Feet Genitals
What is first action taken for wet chemical burn flush thoroughly with water
What is first action taken for dry chemical burn brush off dry chemical, them thoroughly flush with water
________ occurs when body is subjected to high temperaturs and humidity for long periods. skin is hot, red, and dry. patient is confused, body temp. is 106 degrees or higher Heat stroke
RICE stands for Rest Ice Compression Elevation
What do you do for a patient with an arm fracture? immobilize the part above and below the fracture
What should you do for a patient complaining of chest pain Call 911, position comfortably, assess airway, loosen tight clothes, ask pt. about heart meds, administer meds, administer O2, take vitals, keep pt. warm, comfort and reassure
list Steps to deal with a seizure clear area of objects, cusion the head, maintain airway, loosen tight clothing, take vitals
warning signs for a stroke Facial weakness or numbness, arm weakness or numbness, speech difficulty, Double vision
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