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HLTH125 Ch.4

diseases and disorders

iatr(o) physician or treatment
idi(o) individual
nos(o) disease
lith(o) stone or calculus
-cele hernia
-emia condition of the blood
-ia condition
-iasis condition
-mania excessive preoccupation
-maniac a person who shows excessive preoccupation
-osis condition
-phobia abnormal fear
-ptosis prolapse (sagging)
-ary pertaining to
-eal pertaining to
-ive pertaining to
-tic pertaining to
-ase enzyme
-eum membrane
-ium membrane
-ia condition or theory
-ism condition or theory
-iac one who suffers
-opia vision
-ose sugar
-ous pertaining to or characterized by
-y state or condition
gen(o) beginning, origin
-gen that which generates
-genic produced by or in
-genesis producing or forming
leps(o) seizure
log(o) knowledge or words
-lysin that which destroys
-lysis process of destroying
-lytic capable of destroying
megal(o) large, enlarged
-megaly enlargement
metr(o) means measure, uterine tissue
-meter instrument used to measure
-metry process of measuring
phag(o) means eat, ingest
-phagia eating, swallowing
-phagic eating, swallowing
-phagy eating, swallowing
phas(0) speech
-phasia speech
plas(0) means formation, development
-plasia means formation, development
-plasma substance of cells
pleg(0) means paralysis
-plegia paralysis
schis(o), shiz(o), schist(o) mean split, cleft
-schisis mean split, cleft
scler(o) means hard
-sclerosis hardening
scop(o) means to examine, to view
-scope instrument used fro viewing
-scopy process of visually examining
troph(o) means nutrition
-trophy, -trophic means nutrition
chor(o) green
erythro red
melano black
xantho yellow
histo tissue
lacto milk
sepso infection
septi infection
septo infection
myco fungus
staphylo grapelike cluster; uvula
strepto twisted
iatrogenic disorder unfavorable response to medical treatment
nosocomial infections hospital acquired infections
kleptomaina uncontrollable and recurrent urge to steal
hysteria disturbed condition of the uterus
adenopathy enlargement of a gland
hemolysin substance that causes hemolysis
hemolyze to destroy red blood cells and cause them to release hemoglobin
hemolysis destruction of red blood cells
carcinogenesis production or origin of cancer
biopsy examination of tissue from the living body
virulance the power of a microorganism to cause disease
antiseptic inhibits growth of microorganisms, without killing them
bacteriostatic means inhibiting the growth of bacteria
bacterialcidal means killing bacteria
streptococci common way of saying steptococcalpharyingitis, step throat
botulism food poisoning caused by a toxin, clostridium botulinum
fungi microorganisms that feed by absorbing organic molecules from their surroundings
protozoa simplest organism of the animal kingdom
malaria and trichomoniasis caused by protozoa
trichonmonaisis human protozoal infection, std
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