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Practice Exam Q's 2

When an individual's health information is misrepresented by an unauthorized individual to obtain healthcare to which they are not entitled medical identity theft
Many types of standards are necessary to implement EHRs and a health information infrastructure. The standards that establish and provide clear and uniform definitions of the data elements structure and content standards
the longest muscle in the human body, begins at the iliac spine and flexes, adducts and rotates the hip bone. Sartorius
"Rh factor" in blood antigen/protein that affects a person's blood type
created during the civil war to prevent claims by government contractors for services billed but not rendered civil false claims act
focuses on preventing services that are medically unnecessary, upcoding, billing for services not rendered and unbundling hipaa
healthcare fraud and issues of abuse are major concerns in this legislature balanced budget act of 1997
initiative to prevent fraud and abuse in healthcare service efforts between HHS, OIG, and AOA, and began in CA, IL, FL, NY and TX. operation restore trust
bones of the finger closest to the hand proximal philanges
originally designed to only cover hospital services, now a part of blue cross/blue shield. may contract with the federal government to administer medicare. in charge of the claims for medicare part a blue cross
act that ensures that a percentage of an employee's income is withheld for social security and medicare the federal insurance and contribution act (fica)
abbreviation "au" on a patient's chart refers to. both ears
AU auris unitas, refers to both ears
AD refers to right ear
AS refers to left ear
OU refers to both eyes
OS refers to left eye
OD refers to right eye
modifier for "four patients served" UQ
UN two patients served
UP three patients served
UR five patients served
home health agencies use this software data entry systems to conduct all patient assessments, offers the ability to collect oasis-c data in a database and transmit them in a standard format to state databases HAVEN (home assessment validation and entry)
law that authorizes implementation of a per-discharge prospective payment for care provided to medicare beneficiaries by impatient rehabilitation facilities balanced budget refinement act of 1999
modifier that explains the need for multiple modifiers 99
modifier 63 procedure on infant less than 4kg
modifier 62 two surgeons
modifier 77 repeat procedure by another physician
the process of transforming text into an unintelligible string of characters that can be transmitted via communications media with a high degree of security and then decrypted when it reaches a secure registry encryption
security measures must be appropriately applied to data in their various forms including data in motion, data at rest, data in use
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