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HLTH 125 CH.2

medical terminology

-er, one who
-iatrician practitioner
-logist one who studies; specialist
-ac, pertaining to
-iatrics medical profession or treatment
-logic pertaining to the science or study of
-logy study or science of
therapy treatment
therapeutic pertaining to a treatment
radiolucent readily permit the passage of x rays
reumatism variety of disorders marked by inflammation, degeneration, or other problems. Especially joints
psych/iatry medical specialty, deals with causes, treatment and prevention of emotional and behavioral disorders.
clinical psychology diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Branch of psychology rather than a branch of medicine.
orthopedics branch of surgery, deals with preservation and restoration of the bones and associated structures
triage sorting according to the patients needs for care
acute having a short and relatively severe course
-ist one who
-ic pertaining to
rehabilitation medicine restoring the ability to live and work normally as possible after an injury
physical therapy treatment of body ailments by nonmedicinal means
opt(o)/optic(o) vision
optician deals with glasses or other devices to correct vision
optometry measurement of vision
optometrist specialist concerned with vision
ophthalmologist vision physician
-ar pertaining to
-al pertaining to
-iatry medical profession or treatment
-logical pertaining to the science or study of
-crine secrete
entero intestine
obstetro midwife
odonto tooth
opto vision
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