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sexuality vocab

words you should know in Yr 10

Platonic A non sexual relationship
Heterosexual A straight relationship between a male and a female
Homosexual An alternative relationship the is between two people of the same sex
Abstinence Someone who has made the decision to not have a sexual relationship
Sexuality A persons sexual feelings and desires, can include preference of partner
Bisexual A person who is sexually interested in both male and female relationships
Contraception A method of birth control, which can also help prevent STIs
STI Sexually Transmitted Infection
Intimacy A close, warm , trusting relationship with another person, not necessarily sexual
Friendship A close relationship built around trust and respect. Often having shared interests
Stereotype An opinion that is share by many but not based on fact. A value judgement of others
Attitude A way of thinking or behaving that expresses your beliefs or values
Media A form of communication, can be TV, radio, internet,newspapers etc
Society An organised group of people sharing common beliefs, location or interests
Relationship A type of connection that exists between people or how people respond towards each other
Describe State what you know
Explain Show what you know with examples
Evaluate Explain what you know, using examples. Then making judgements from all that you know tocome to a decision or to make a certain point
PIS Personal view, Interpersonal view (eg.Friends thoughts)Societal view (your community/ city / nations view)
Created by: ukbob