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When billing HIV and AIDS related diagnoses on an insurance claim this is required A signed patient authorization form for release of HIV status
The professional organization that updates and publishes the CPT manual AMA
The organization/agency developed and maintains the HCPCS coding system manual CMS
This is included in the CPT Appendix A Modifiers
These following services would be located in the Evaluation and Management section of the CPT manual Office visits, consultations, and case management
The description of the problem that caused the patient to seek treatment, usually stated in the patient's own words Chief complaint
This is the transfer of the management of patient care from one physician to another Referral
This service provided by a physician whose opinion or advice regarding evaluation and/or management of a specific problem is requested by another physician or appropriate resource Consultation
These terms are an example of CPT Alphabetic Index main terms Laparscopy, EEG, Pomeroy's operation
This symbol is placed before a new CPT code A bullet
This symbol represents a CPT add-on code Plus sign
This term means selecting an E/M code at a lower level than the service requires Downcoding
This CPT section includes moderate sedation codes with or without analgesia Medicine section
The following is an example of an ICD-9-CM supplementary classification code V codes
Mental Disorders (290-319) is an example of the following Chapter heading
An outpatient clinic hired a new office manager. Her responsibilities include ensuring the staff follows the HIPAA complaint privacy practices established by the clinic. The following HIPAA requirements satisfies this Designating a privacy officer
Semicolons in the CPT manual is used for the following purpose To conserve space
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