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Acupuncture procedure codes are found in this section of the CPT manual Medicine
Format of an HCPCS Level II code 5 Digit alpha-numeric
In this situation you need a HCPCS Level II code instead of a CPT Level I code When they are listen in both but the narratives are different
HCPCS Level II codes are not used for Surgery
This is not responsible for maintain and updating the ICD-9-CM coding system AMA
CMS in the government agency responsible for maintain and updating this portion of the ICD-9-CM manual Volume 3
Volume 3 of the ICD-9-CM system consists of this Inpatient hospital procedure codes
The official publications of the AHA that provides information on ICD-9-CM coding guidelines and conventions is this Coding clinic
These represent a coding convention found in the ICD-9-CM manual Instructional notes, cross-reference notes, abbreviations
New codes developed following the events of September 11th, 2001 Injuries/deaths associated with terrorism
Table of Drugs and chemicals located in this volume Volume 2
report that confirms the presence of malignancy Pathology report
neoplasm that cannot be identified as benign or malignant Uncertain behavior
Example of a cross-reference coding convention See
"Code first the underlying disease" example of this coding convention Instructional Notes
Example of connecting word ICD-9-CM coding convention complicated by, due to, with
Terms within the parentheses used to enclosed words that do not affect ICD-9-CM code selection are nonessential modifiers
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