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CBCS Coding Review

Accurate ICD-9-CM coding depended Selecting the diagnostic code Sequencing the diagnostic code Following the official coding guidelines and ICD-9 coding conventions
Infection in 'urinary tract infection due to E. coli" represents The main term
Insurance billing specialist or coder codes directly from the Alphabetic Index Never appropriate
Condition noted as the major health problem and reason for visit First listed
Reason for patient's admission to the hospital is known as Principal Diagnosis
Improper sequencing of diagnosis codes leads to Inadequate reimbursement for services Denied or delayed reimbursement for services Charges of fraud and abuse
Patient with nausea, vertigo, and headache. Physician documents "rule out inner ear infection" this would be coded by Unspecified inner ear infection
Condition remaining after acute phase of injury or illness has been resolved is Complication
Required prior to billing HIV-AIDS-related diagnosis on insurance claim Preauthorization from the insurance company
Vol. 3 ICD-9 codes are used to code and report Hospital Procedures
Procedure performed for definitive treatment, or procedure performed to resolve complication Principal Procedure
What does not apply to the criteria of "Significant Procedure" It is performed for diagnostic purposes
Created by: tina.reynolds