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coding review

the first three characters in a 5-digit CPT modifier 099
definition of the terms that are unique to a particular section sections guidelines
anesthesia codes that are used to describe very difficult circumstances the significantly affaect anesthesia services add-on codes
CPT modifiers that indicates that more than on modifier is being used -99 or 99 or 09999
ASC ambulatory surgery center
to verify a result means to prove to be true, recheck, confirm, or support by facts
CPT coding range used for outpatient services 99201-99205
this is added to bilateral procedures coding ad the modifier 50 to the appropriate five-digit code
modifier used for third party mandated services 32
The coding clinic for ICD-9-CM includes official coding advice and official coding guidelines, correct coding assignments for new technologies and newly identified diseases, articles and topics that offer practical info and improe data quality
system that used to code medical services and procedure provided by the physician ICD-9-CM
coding clinic is published by AHA
4-digit code that identifies specific accommodation, ancillary services, or billing calculation related to the services on the bill education and training
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