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how to treat STD's

1)How do you treat gonorrhea? 2)What is the definition? 3)What kind of STD is it? your doctor will give you an oral or injectable antibiotics def~STD that is caused by a bacterium that infects mucous membranes, including the mucous membranes.(B)
1)How do you treat chlamydia? 2)What is the definition? 3)What kind of STD is it? Treat; antibiotics def; STD that infects the reproductive organs that causes a mucous discharge (B)
1)How do you treat syphilis? 2)What is the definition? 3)What kind of STD is it? Treat; over the counter drugs def;STD that causes ulcers or cancers; if untreated, it can lead to mental and physical disabilities
1)How do you treat PID? 2)definition? 3)what kind of std treat;antibiotics def;inflammation of the upper female reproductive tract that is caused by migration of a bacterial infection from the vagina. (B)
1)How do you treat HPV? 2)definition? 3)what kind of std? treat;no treatment, will just go away on it's own. def;a group of viruses that can cause gental warts in male and females and can cause cervical cancer in females. (V)
1)how do you treat herpes? 2)definition 3)what kind of std? treat;no treatment but, you can get antibiotics to help the sores def;disease characterized by sores in the genital areas. (V)
1)how do you treat HIV? 2)definition? 3)what kind of std? treat;hiv test def;the virus that primarily infects the cells of the immune system that causes aids
1)how do you treat hepatitis? 2)definition? 3)what kind of std is it? treat;no treatments, your health provider will most likely proscribe rest and usually goes away in a few weeks. def;inflammation of the liver (V)
1)how do you treat pubic lice? 2)definition? 3)what kind of std? treat;prescription wash def;live any where with coarse hair (P)
1)How do you treat scabies? 2)definition? 3)what kind of std? treat;medicine def;a contagious skin disease marked by itching and small raised red spots, caused by the itch mite. (P)
1)how do you treat trichomoniasis? 2)Definition? 3)what kind of std? treat;medication def;an infection caused by parasitic trichomonads, chiefly affecting the urinary tract, vagina, or digestive system.(P)
Created by: klpmoore