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Final Exam Part !

What's in fortified milk? Calcium & Vitamin D
What's in Apricots? Vitamin A
What's in carrots? Vitamin A
What do bananas contain? Potassium, Vitamin B1 & B6
What does Vitamin C do? Helps promote the immune system, gums, & teeth.
Which Vitamin helps the bones? Vitamin D
Which Vitamins results in healthy eyes & skin? Vitamins A & E
Helps Red Blood Cells transport oxygen? Iron
What Vitamin increases blood clots? Vitamin K
How many calories are in 1 gram of protein? 4 calories
How many calories are in 1 gram of carbohydrates? 4 calories
How many calories are in 1 gram of fats? 9 calories
What are the essential nutrients? Protein, Carbs, & Fats
What is the function of carbohydrates? To provide the most efficient form of energy
What is the function of protein? To build & repair cell tissue, & provide some energy
What is the function of fats? To cushion & support internal organs; absorb vitamins & minerals
Most effective form of carbohydrates to provide sustaining energy? Complex
What are some examples of Antioxidants? Vitamins A, D, E, & K
What is the recommended % for fats? 20-30%
What is the recommended % for proteins? 20-30%
What is the recommended % for carbs? 55-65%
What are the parts in the epidemiological triangle and their functions? Agent-causes disease; Host-infected person; Environment- how the person gets it
The Tuskeegee Syphilus Study violated which rights? Informed Consent, Right to Human Dignity, & Repsect
Why are humans living longer? Improvements in public health & health promotion.
What is the prevalence rate? # of new cases over time both old and new
What is the incidence rate? Considers # of new cases in a specific time
What are mortality rates? # of deaths within a population
What is an endemic? Disease within a certain area/genetically inherited.
What is an acute disease? One that is received suddenly & causes harm quickly
What is a chronic disease? One that is received over a long period of time; lifestyle diseases
True or False: Health Education is about telling people how to live their lives? FALSE
What does Health Promotion do? Addresses problems globally though public policy.
What should public health policy be based on? Research
What is primary prevention? You don't have a risk if you do this?
What is secondary prevention? When you may get something but have early detection and early cure
What is tertiary prevention? Managing an ongoing disease
Where does most financial profits of US health care go towards? Treatment
What are some pros of the US health care system? Best quality (medical technology) & Most well-trained doctors
What are some cons of the US health care system? Not Universal(mandatory); Pay the most, but cover the least; & the Lack of Prevention
What are cost drivers for US health care systems? Administrative costs, Defensive Medicine, & Drugs/Devices
What is the most likely population to be uninsured in the US? Working middle class women and children
How is HIV/AIDS transmitted? Semen, Vaginal Secretion, Blood, & Breast Milk
How long can a HIV+ person show no symptoms? 10 years
What do most STD's have in common? All tend to not show symptoms early on
What is the most common STD? Chlamydia
Created by: 7jsellers