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Sexually transmitted disease (std) Infectious disease spread by sexual contact
Epidemic The occurrence of more cases of the disease than expected
Asymptotic Showing no signs of a disease or disorder even thought an infectious disease is present
Chlamydia A bacterial std that infects the reproductive organs that causes a mucous discharge
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) An inflammation of the upper female reproductive tract that is cause by migration of bacterial infection from the vagina
Gonorrhea An std that is caused by a bacterium that infects mucous membranes, including the genial mucous membranes
Syphilis A bacterial std that causes ulcers of chancres; if untreated it can lead to mental and physical disabilities and premature death
Human papilloma virus (HPV) A group of viruses that can cause gentile warts in male and females and can cause cervical cancer in females
Abstinence Don't have sex
HIV The virus that primarily infects the cells of the immune system that causes AIDS
AIDS The disease that is caused by HIV infection, which weakens the immune system
Pandemic A disease that spreads quickly through human population all over the world
Helper T cells (CD4+cell) The white blood cell that activates the immune response and that is primarily target of HIV infection
OL An illness due to an organism that causes disease in people with weakened immune systems; commonly found in AIDS patients
Asymptomatic stage A stage of an infection in which the infection agent, such as HIV, is present but there are few or no symptoms of the infection
Universal precautions the set of procedures used to avoid contact with body fluids and to reduce the risk of spreading HIV and other diseases
HIV-antibody test A test that detects HIV antibodies to determine of a person has been introduced with HIV
HIV positive HIV positive describes a person who tests positive in two different HIV tests
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