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First Aid


Rabies A viral disease of the nervous system that eventually causes madness and death.
Carotic The heartbeat found on each side of the neck.
Xlphoid Process The lower part of the sternum that projects downward to the point where the sternum meets the lower ribs.
Cardiovascular Failure Failure of the heart to pump blood.
Venom A poisonous substance secreted by a snake or other animal.
Emtic An agent that induces vomiting.
Gangreen The death of tissue in a part of the body.
Poison control center A 24-hour hot line that provides emergency medical advice on treating poisoning victims.
Shock The failure of the cardiovascular system to keep adequate blood circulating to the vital organs of the body.
Pressure points One of the number of points along the main artery supplying blood to an affected limb.
Respiratory Failure A state in which air is unable to reach the lungs.
CPR A lifesaving technique in which a heart that has stopped is forced to pump blood to the body by means of applied pressure.
First Aid The immediate, temporary care given to a person who has become sick or injured.
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