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Ethics 1

Abandonment The provider's withdrawal of treatment from a patient without giving adequate notice or providing an opportunity for the patient to replace the provider
Assault The threat or attempt to inflict them
Battery Unlawful physical contact with another person
Compliance Adherence to the ethical and technical standards of a job or profession
Confidentiality How health care professionals treat private information once it has been disclosed
Cyberethics The guidelines by which information systems are managed
Demeanor The way a person behaves
Diversity The differences and similarities of people
Elective A procedure chosen by the patient that may not be medically necessary
Ethics A standard of conduct based on moral principles
Etiquette Social behavior requirements among members of a profession
Hematoma A localized collection of blood; caused by trauma or a complication of a medical procedure
Hemolysis Destruction of red blood cells; caused by a disease, trauma, or a complication of medical procedure
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Federal act that sets guidelines for standardizing electronic exchange, exposing fraud and abuse, and protecting privacy and security of health information
Infection Presence of micro-organisms, such as bacteria or viruses, in the body; can cause illness
Informed Consent Consent a patient gives to a provider that allows the provider to provide treatment; must be preceded by information that allows the patient to assess the benefits and risk of the treatment
Injury Harm that is caused by medical treatment or medical errors
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