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Medical Necessity Third-party payer requirement that all health care services provided are necessary for the care of the patient according to accepted standards of care
Metastasis The spread of a neoplasm from the primary or original site to an adjacent or remote area of the body
Neoplasm Any new and abnormal growth, particularly when the growth is uncontrolled and does not behave normally
Nonessential modifiers words that do not affect code assignment
Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) A written notice to patients of the use and disclosure of PHI and the patients rights and covered entity's legal duties with respect to patients PHI
Office for Civil Rights Department of Health and Human Services designated office responsible for investigating health information privacy and patient safety confidentiality complaints and, if necessary, taking corrective actions
Primary Malignancy The original site of a malignant neoplasm
Privacy officer Individual appointed by a covered entity to be responsible for the development, implementation, and oversight of the HIPAA Privacy Rule within the organization
Protected health information Information that is individually identifiable, relates to the past, present, or future physical or mental health of the individual, relates to provision or payment for provision of health care. Transmitted or maintained in electronic media or other format
Secondary malignancy The spread of a neoplasm from the primary or original site to an adjacent or remote area of the body
Section Comprised of a group of three digit ICD-9-CM categories representing a group of conditions or related conditions
Semicolons Punctuation marks used in the CPT manual to conserve space and to separate the common part of a description from the unique portion
Specificity Highest level of definition
Subcategories Four-digit ICD-9-CM codes that are more specific that the category code in terms of cause, site, or manifestation
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