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abstract to collect data from a medical record.
acronyms a word formed from the initial letters of other words
Alphabetic index to diseases and injuries volume 2 of the ICD-9-CM; lists words, called ,main terms, that describe illness, injury, conditions, drugs, and diseases
benign abnormal growths that are stable, treatable, and generally not life-threatening; when referred to in relation to hypertension, benign refer to essential hypertension progressing at a slow pace, possibly symptomless
bilateral having two sides or both on both sides of the body
cancer malignant neoplasms; tissues with uncontrolled growth that can spread and invade other parts of the body
categories 3 digit ICD-9-CM codes representing a single disease or condition
chapter the main division of the ICD-9-CM tabular list
chapter-specific coding guidelines guidelines for specific diagnoses or condition; apply to all health care settings, unless otherwise noted
coding conventions general coding rules that are independent of the guidelines and are incorporated within the alphabetic index and tabular list of the ICD-9-CM as instructional notes
covered entities health care providers required by law to obey HIPAA regulations
CPT category I codes permanent CPT codes consisting of six sections and comprised of five numeric characters
CPT category II codes used for performance measurement; comprised of 4 digits followed by the letter F
CPT category III codes temporary codes for emerging technology, services, and procedures; comprised of 4 digits followed by the letter T
CPT modifier 2 digit alpha, numeric, or alphanumeric characters added to CPT codes when additional info needs to be communicated pertaining to a procedure or service.
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