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grieving process the journey to recovery
viewing a ceremony to view or watch over the deceased person before the funeral
funeral a ceremony in which a deceased person is laid to rest.
memorial service a ceremony to remember the deceased person (can be held any time following a death)
terminally ill a diagnosis indicating that a person will not recover from an illness
living will Legal document that is necessary to indicate personal directions/wishes regarding your physical life (life support, DNR, etc)prior to death
will Legal document that is necessary for distribution of your personal property (home,$,jewelry, children, etc).
stress a feeling that is created when we react to particular events; your body and mind's response to a demand.
stressor any situation that puts a demand on the body or mind (person/place/thing)
hypothalamus the nerve center in the brain that triggers the stress response
fight or flight also referred to as the stress response; preparing your body to perform under pressure (dealing with situation or escaping it)by triggering energy release, improved reflexes and strength.
eustress positive, motivating stress; makes us feel alert, lively, confident and in control
distress negative, unhealthy stress; makes us feel frightened, confused or unsure; can lead to physical illness if not addressed
acute stress stress that comes on quickly and is dealt with quickly
episodic intense stress that occurs during certain periods of life; teens/exams; young parents/daycare bills; etc.
normative stress caused by events that are common/expected (break-ups; grades)
non-normative stress caused by events that were not expected to occur (divorce, death, serious illness)
Cortisol A hormone released as a result of stress.
Assets Skills, strengths, resources that help us build our confidence/resilience.
Resilience The ability to recover from illness, hardship, change and other stressors.
Cremation The process of reducing the body to ashes.
Hospice Care for terminally ill patients that focuses on comfort rather than cure.
Denial Refusing an emotion or problem.
Rationalization Making excuses for actions or feelings.
Compensation Making up for weakness in one area by excelling in an area of strength.
Projection Putting your own faults onto another person; Blaming others for your faults
Displacement Transferring emotions from the original source to another; having a bad day at school and taking it out on your little sister when you get home.
Regression Reverting to immature behavior to express emotions.
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