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Health test #3

Chromozones Tiny strands of matter that carry the codes for inherited traits
Genes The basic units of heredity
Fetus The developing unborn baby, from the eighth week until birth
Prenatal care Special care to ensure that the mother and her baby remain healthy
Describe Infancy This stage is from the child's birth to the first year it has lived. The most important thing about this stage is that the baby is in the stage of eat-sleep-grow, which means they grow very fast.
Describe Childhood This stage is from the age 1-12. The most important thing that takes places place during this stage is when the child builds positive self esteem.
Describe Adolescence This stage is from the age 12-18. The important thing in this stage is the 4 changes a kid goes through (physical, mental, emotional, and social).
Describe Young Audulthood This stage is from the age 18-40. The stage is the point when the human gets a career, tries to get married, and tries to build a family.
Describe Middle Adulthood This stage is from the age 40-65. The stage is the point where the human is doing maybe some community service, doing their job, and planning for retirement.
Describe Maturity This stage is from the age 65 and up. You are basically a senior citizen during this stage.
Embryo From fertilization to 8 weeks
When is the day the heart starts beating? Day 25
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